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We are a specialised, boutique legal practice focused on the resolution of estates and trust disputes and administrations.


Estate litigation services relating to:

  • Contested probate applications (caveat and revocation proceedings)

  • Applications to admit informal documents to probate 

  • Applications for Court authorised wills

  • Other will disputes, such as proceedings to have testamentary documents brought into Court, or applications for the construction and rectification of wills

  • Applications relating to the appointment of administrators and executors, including passing over and removal / discharge proceedings

  • Applications by administrators, executors and trustees for advice, approval and commission

  • Testators Family Maintenance (family provision) claims.

Litigation relating to equitable and related statutory claims, such as prosecuting or defending claims relating to unconscionable conduct, undue influence and unconscionable dealing

Litigation relating to private trusts

Pre-litigation advice in relation to estates, trusts and related disputes

Applications to the Registrar of Probates for grants of representation, including grants of probate or letters of administration with the will annexed or on intestacy (including dealing with complex matters such as the appointment of independent administrators, renunciations, withdrawal of renunciation)

Applications to the Registrar of Probates and Supreme Court for limited grants of administration, including limited grants ad colligendum bona, ad litem and pendente lite

Approvals of compromise where a litigant / claimant is under a disability

Legal advice and assistance in the administration of deceased estates

Professional trustee and administrator services for estates and trusts

VCAT administration and financial abuse recovery / compensation proceedings

Natalie has accepted appointments from the Supreme Court of Victoria and beneficiaries to act as an independent administrator and trustee, limited administrator and Court-appointed contradictor (see Re Martin (2019) 59 VR 584 and Re Larcombe [2022] VSC 741).

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